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2022 is the Best Time for Dubai Real Estate Investors to Invest

The recent surge in the construction sector has been a boon for Dubai's real estate market. In a new report from a leading property consultancy, 2022 is predicted to be the best year for investing in Dubai real estate!

Why 2022 is the best time to invest in Dubai property

A new study by the Dubai Land Department has revealed that 2022 is the optimal time for investors to invest in Dubai real estate. Data tells us that with this current growth rate, real estate prices will reach their highest point in 2022. More people are also moving to the city and demand for residential properties is at an all-time high.

The Dubai economy

Dubai is the "most futuristic and ambitious city in the world." The United Arab Emirates economy has been booming, and it's no wonder that Dubai real estate is also booming. For those looking to invest, 2022 may be the best year because at this point, most construction related issues should be resolved and prices might have stabilized.

The future of the UAE

According to the UAE's Ministry of Economy, the country has a projected GDP growth of 4.5% in 2018 and 2019, which is largely due to the positive economic outlook for Dubai and Abu Dhabi. This figure also includes Dubai's expected GDP growth of 4.6% and Abu Dhabi's projected 3.1% for this year and next. The public sector development projects that are underway will create more jobs and raise income levels across the board, which will drive business and push up private sector investment as well.


The conclusions of the study are that 2022 is the best time for Dubai real estate investors to invest. Those who buy property in 2022 will get back all of the money invested with an additional 13%.

Looking for the best Dubai real estate investment in 2022? Get in touch with our property specialists today.


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