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The Best Places To Eat On The Algarve: Eats And Drinks From Across The Algarve

Are you planning a trip to Portugal and looking for the best places to eat? In this article, we've compiled a list of some of the most popular restaurants and cafes in the Algarve.

What are the Best Places to Eat in The Algarve?

The Algarve is a gorgeous region on Portugal's southern coast. It is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Europe and has been attracting visitors for centuries. The Algarve is blessed with beautiful beaches and a diverse culture, which makes it perfect for travelers of all types. If you are looking for an amazing place to eat in the Algarve, here are some of the best places to try.

Restaurants and Markets

One of the best places to eat in the Algarve is the sprawling market in Olhão. For fresh produce, you can visit the stalls at the Mercado Municipal. The market offers many delicious and unique dishes, such as octopus with port wine sauce, almond butter toast, and a confection of sweetened chickpeas. If you are looking for a place to enjoy a meal with friends or family, check out one of the restaurants inside this historic building.

To name a few, here are 5 of the locals' go-to restaurants in the Algarve

  • Restaurante Dom Carlos

  • Le Marquis Restaurant

  • Restaurante Ruccula

  • The Cockerel Country Kitchen

  • Figueiral

Wine Bars

Wine bars are a great place to try new wines and snacks. They are also a good place to go for late night outdoor drinks. Wine bars typically serve food that is meant to be paired with wine, offering an excellent opportunity to taste your way through the menu. One of the most popular wine bars in Loulé is Bordeaux Wine Bar, which is a casual wine bar with a varied selection of wines and seafood dishes.

If you're looking for more wine bar choices, here are a few of our recommended:

  • Estabelecimentos D Sancho Silves

  • Quinta Da Tor

  • Epicur Boutique Wine Bar

  • 7imeo

Cafes, Snacks, and Food Trucks

Cafes line the streets and provide a variety of food choices. With delicious desserts, ice cream, and hot beverages, they are bound to satisfy your cravings. Here are our top 5 favorite snack spots, cafes, and food trucks in the Algarve.

  • Pastelaria Agua Mel

  • Caffe Creme Cafetaria

  • Earth Shop & Cafe

  • Riviera Pastelaria

  • Mar d'Esotorias


The Algarve is full of delicious and fresh food. From traditional Portuguese dishes to fresh seafood, there are plenty of things to eat in Portugal's southernmost region. There are also some fantastic restaurants in the area. These include Vinho Verde, Farinha Doce, and Fiera do Pescador among others.


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