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Vela Viento

A Masterpiece in the Heart of Business Bay

In line with OMNIYAT's commitment to transforming dreams into reality, VELA VIENTO stands as a testament to extraordinary imagination and meticulous craftsmanship. Let's explore the unique elements that make this property an architectural marvel.


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Luxury Interiors by Gilles & Boissier
Parisian designers Gilles & Boissier bring their signature style to VELA VIENTO, illustrating luxury interior design with exquisite finesse. Step into a world where elegance meets opulence. Gilles & Boissier's artistry transcends trends in VELA VIENTO's design. Modernity seamlessly blends with timeless allure, creating an ambiance of elegance and singularity.

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Sky-High Amenities Deck
VELA VIENTO redefines luxury with the 'Sky Amenities Deck' soaring 100 meters high. Enjoy an infinity pool, double-height gym, yoga studio, and lounge areas, all overlooking breathtaking vistas. Generous proportions offer vast living spaces with panoramic views of Marasi Bay, Burj Khalifa, and Downtown Dubai. Experience unique 'hanging' dining rooms, turning daily moments into transcendent experiences.

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